Stellar Navigation

Geodesy Book 2-Elena's Story

The year and a half since the fateful fire has brought monumental changes to the Paige and Evans families, and Elena feels left behind. Rachel has gone to Florida to live with Jesse, and they’re having a baby; Finn is turning into some kind of morose cowboy poet; Ethan is pushing his sister away as he and Sage get unexpectedly closer; and even Elena’s almost-relationship with Jo that has been brewing for a year seems hopelessly stalled.  Elena can’t bear to be the only one standing still any longer. When she is offered a lucrative position at the Parapsychology Institute in Florida, the decision seems obvious. Despite the looming consequences of tearing Sage and Ethan apart and leaving Jo high and dry, Elena can’t resist the pull of discovering how deep her psychic gifts run or the charms of the gentle, unassuming graduate student, Jamie Fleming, who offers to guide her down this unexpected path.  But when Elena enters a world where precognition and telepathy are considered basic skills, she is in no way prepared for how far the people of the Institute are willing to go to see what she and Ethan can do. Each new door leads Elena to a place where she has to confront her weakness and power, and nothing is what it appears to be. When Elena sets out to discover why she and Ethan have been brought there, she puts all of her family and friends in danger. Then Elena must rely on Ethan’s and her own new-found powers and the people she left behind to escape and find a way back home.


The second book in the Geodesy Series, Stellar Navigation, is told by Elena as she learns the meaning of power and weakness.

© 2013 by Susan Michalski. All rights reserved.