Gravitational Forces

Geodesy Book 3 - Ethan's Story

Novel Coming in 2016

After years of living as a four-year-old, Ethan is in a big hurry to grow up. He’s 21 and desperate to put on a pair of big boy pants and join the rest of the world. Unfortunately, the other Ethan, the one who was stuck in time, haunts him at every turn. Elena is alternately pushing him too hard and pulling him back down, while Rachel and Jesse are so enamored of their precocious toddler, they barely notice Ethan’s efforts. The only person who really understands the man Ethan is trying to become is Sage. More than ever, Ethan is determined to have Sage, but on new terms, terms that Finn is equally determined to thwart. As Ethan tries to create a future by distancing himself from the other Ethan and the people who he thinks are keeping him stuck, he is drawn into an uneasy friendship with a mysterious foreign girl who has seen far too much of the world. Ethan rapidly becomes caught between his desire to help Samara and his ambivalence about trusting her with his own painful secrets.  When Ethan uses his undisciplined psychic powers on Samara’s behalf, he unleashes a chain of events where past and future collide in the present.  The repercussions of this threaten to unravel all the progress Ethan has fought so hard to attain, leaving him alone and dangerously vulnerable in a clash of cultures he doesn’t understand.  


The third book in the Geodesy Series, Gravitational Forces explores the powerful pull of the past and future on the present, through Ethan’s voice.

© 2013 by Susan Michalski. All rights reserved.