Susan Michalski


Susan Michalski has been creating stories for as long as she could understand words. Because she rarely sleeps, reading and writing have filled the dark hours since childhood. With degrees in literature, drama, creative writing, and secondary education, Susan has been able to find work as an actress, high school teacher, college instructor, web/UI designer, private tutor, online course writer, curriculum designer, technical writer, waitress, and swim coach. She dreams of quitting her day jobs to live in an alternate reality full-time. Because surviving trauma and how it affects our interactions with each other is one of the most interesting conundrums of the human condition, Susan made it the focus of her first novel series. She is a believer in paranormal phenomenon of many kinds. Susan Michalski lives, works, and occasionally sleeps in Austin, Texas with one genius child, two devoted dogs, two immortal hamsters, and a guinea pig named Butterscotch.  Safe Distances is her first novel.

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